Sunday, 16 October 2011

"A" Body '68-'72 Chevelle Headers To Fit Big Block "G" Body

My '86 Monte SS had a set of "A" Body headers on it when I bought it,although I am unsure who made them,but my best guess is they were made by BlackJack.They had a small diameter primary tube,either 1 3/4 or 1 7/8.They fit pretty good,although one tube was cut and had a piece welded in to clear the clutch "Z" Bar.I replaced them with a set of # 2455 Hooker Headers that have a 2 inch dia. primary tube.These ones had clearance isues with the lower right control arm bracket.It needed surgery,I had to cut a peice out of it,make a new peice to fit,and weld it in.There are also clearance issues with # 6 & 8 spark plugs.I cut,bent and did some grinding to a 13/16 in. wrench.The brake proportioning valve was also in the way,but I unbolted it and moved it a tiny bit without having to re-do the brake lines.The clutch "Z" bar also would not clear one tube,but I cut it in two and played with it until it fit,and re-welded it.
Plug Wrench;
Clutch "Z: Bar
Old & New Headers

Heres a couple more pictures of my old headers,here you can see the left side header,pipe # 7,and how it was modified to clear the clutch Z bar
This shows where # 7 pipe was cut and a smaller diameter pipe was welded in for Z Bar clearance
Heres my Pypes X Pipe & Iceman Crossmember
& my Doug Nash 4+1 5 Speed
(This is for BuzzLOL)



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